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As the first of its kind, the Academy offers online courses and tutorials to help you design, implement, and maintain an effective customer loyalty strategy for any digital business.

  • Learn how to design, implement, and maintain an effective loyalty strategy for any digital business

  • Increase your worth in today’s competitive job market and level up your career

  • Gain the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to make an impact in your role as a marketer

  • Become the go-to loyalty marketing expert in your (current or future) organization

What's In The Course?

  • 101: Understanding Customer Loyalty

    Why does customer loyalty matter, what does it look like, and how do you build a loyal customer base?

  • 102: Customer Lifecycle and Loyalty Strategy

    Understand the customer lifecycle model and why it's important for creating a complete loyalty strategy.

  • 103: Anatomy of a Loyalty Program

    Learn what makes a loyalty program, the tools you need to succeed, and how to measure success.

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What people are saying:

47 Insights

Paul Stephenson

47 Insights

Just had a sneak peek of the new Digital Loyalty Academy. Looks like a great training resource for marketers looking to lead in customer loyalty marketing.

Andrew McLeod


Every digital business needs to have at least one team member who is a master of customer loyalty marketing. The Digital Loyalty Academy from SaaSquatch is the perfect solution.

Will Fraser


I just read a preview of the Digital Loyalty Academy Saasquatch. I wish I had this 5 years ago. It would have saved me so much time, effort and frustration.